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Animal therapy can have an extremely strong effect on emotional and mental conditions. Animals of all types have been shown to have calming effects and improve moods in all types of clients. These types of animals can be used to visit in-patient clinics but… Read more
When your beloved pet is diagnosed with cancer, it can be devastating. Owners will do whatever they can to make sure their pet receives proper treatment, including a strong diet. Many online sites are full of advice on how to properly feed a cancer-stricken… Read more
Animal therapy ranges from keeping a pet as an emotional support animal to having an animal certified by formal organizations. Many different organizations use animal therapy to help their clients. Hospitals, school, hospice organizations, and disaster relief companies use animal therapy to comfort patients.… Read more
Winters are long and cold for everyone, including pets. Older animals, short haired breeds, and pets with arthritis are especially susceptible to harsh weather. Besides keeping your pet indoors and cuddling, there are a few other ways to help them bear the cold weather.… Read more
Home-cooked pet meals have become more common in recent years, probably with some help from Pinterest and other social media platforms. Preparing your pet meals can be an enjoyable option for feeding your pet. It is important to be aware that there are some… Read more