How to Keep Your Cat Cool in the Summer Heat

Some of the hottest weeks of summer are still to come. If your family cats spend time outdoors, it’s important to help them keep cool in the summertime. Their coats can be thick and cause them to overheat. You can change into lighter clothing or jump in the pool, but your cats can’t. Here are suggestions for keeping your pets cool when the temperatures just keep going up.

  • Ice water. If they’re going to be outside on hot afternoons, drop several ice cubes in their water bowl. Just like you enjoy something cold to sip on a hot day, your cat will appreciate a chilly drink.
  • Outdoor air conditioning. Freeze water bottles overnight. Don’t fill them too full or the water will expand and make a mess. In the morning, wrap them in a towel and put them where your kitty likes to relax. When she gets hot, she can lie on the towel to chill out.
  • Give your cat a fan. A small fan costs pennies an hour to run. Place one where your cat stays to keep air moving across her fur. Freeze extra water bottles to place in front of it. As air blows across the water bottles, the ice will create a cool breeze.
  • Dampen their fur. Use a wet washcloth or paper towel to pet your cat. Cats don’t like to be submerged, but most don’t mind their fur getting a little wet, and they love to be rubbed. When they realize how much cooler wet fur is, they’ll thank you. Plus, this cuts down on shedding during hot summer months.
  • Wait to play. Sometimes a dancing toy is irresistible to your pet no matter how hot she is. Exercise is good for your cat, but be careful when it’s hot out. Play with your pet early in the morning or later in the evening so she doesn’t get overheated.
  • Offer cool treats. Cool Claws is like vanilla ice cream for cats. While the ingredients in regular ice cream can cause digestive problems, Cool Claws is made with cat-friendly ingredients. Cats also love yogurt and cottage cheese, so offer your pet a cool spoonful on hot days.
  • Know the danger signs. If your cat is panting, drooling, struggling to breathe, or has lost consciousness, she needs emergency help. Heat stroke can lead to kidney or heart damage, so it’s important to get her to the vet quickly.

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