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Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot: Facts & Care Information

The blue-fronted Amazon parrot is a vibrant and captivating bird native to South America. Known for their intelligence and playful nature, blue-fronted Amazons are popular pets among bird enthusiasts. So today, our Liberty Lake veterinarians are going to provide you with some essential information about caring for them.

How much is a blue-fronted Amazon parrot?

Before we begin, you'll likely have questions about the price of a blue-fronted Amazon parrot and where you can find a blue-fronted Amazon parrot for sale.

The price of a blue-fronted Amazon parrot can vary depending on factors such as age, coloration, and breeder. It is important to do thorough research and find a reputable breeder or avian rescue organization when looking to purchase one of these birds. If you'd like, contact our veterinarians and we should be able to put you in touch with reputable breeders or rescue organizations in the Liberty Lake area.

Can blue-fronted Amazon parrots talk?

Yes, absolutely! Blue-fronted Amazon parrots are known for their exceptional talking abilities. Like most parrots, they can mimic human speech and learn a wide range of words and phrases.

Blue-fronted Amazons are not only great talkers, they are also great screamers. You can look forward to receiving a friendly wake-up call in the morning and a goodnight call  at sunset. This 10-minute, twice-daily vocalization is a way for them to stay connected with their flockmates and mark the time of day. 

However, this means that these birds can sometimes be a bit noisy and bother neighbors, especially for people living in close quarters like apartment buildings.

Where do blue-fronted Amazon parrots rank among parrot species for talking?

Blue-fronted Amazon parrots are considered one of the top parrot species when it comes to talking, often ranking among the most talkative and skilled mimics in the parrot world.

What is the lifespan of blue-fronted Amazon parrots?

The lifespan of blue-fronted Amazon parrots can vary depending on many factors like their diet, environment, and overall care. On average, these parrots live around 40 to 60 years. However, with proper nutrition and a suitable habitat, some parrots have been known to live even longer, reaching up to 80 years or more. 

How do I care for a blue-fronted Amazon parrot?

These birds are quite smart and love being around people. If you don't have lots of time to spend with an Amazon parrot, it might be best to consider another pet.

Including your parrot in various activities around the house will make it happier. Whether you're watching TV, cleaning up, or enjoying a meal, your parrot will want to join in on the fun. A portable play stand that you can easily move from room to room is a great option for taking your bird around with you, and it also creates a convenient exercise area.

For a lively bird like a blue-fronted Amazon, it's best to have a cage that is at least 36 in. x 24 in. x 48 in. Of course, bigger is even better. If you're unable to get a large cage, you can make up for it by giving your bird extra time outside of the cage every day.

What should I feed my blue-fronted Amazon parrot?

In the wild, blue-fronted Amazons love to explore and find delicious treats like fruits, berries, leaf buds, blossoms, seeds, and nuts to munch on. Many people also believe that they enjoy eating some proteins. Just like all parrots, blue-fronted Amazons thrive on a diverse diet that resembles the foods they would eat in the wild.

Thus, for a healthy diet, it's great to include high-quality pellets, a good seed mix, and daily servings of fresh, bird-safe fruits and vegetables.

Some 'people foods' are okay, in moderation, for your parrot. But 75–80 percent of their diet should come from the specially formulated pellets. Also, never feed your parrot avocados and chocolate, as they are toxic to birds.

So overall, do blue-fronted Amazon parrots make good pets?

Blue-fronted Amazon parrots can be good pets as long as their dietary needs are met. In addition to a diverse and nutritious diet, they also require a suitable cage with plenty of space to move around and exercise. Providing them with lots of one-on-one time and mental stimulation is also important for their overall well-being. 

If you can provide these things, these parrots can make a great addition to your family.

Some Fun Facts About Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrots

Here are some facts about these parrots we hope you'll find fun and exciting:

  1. Like most parrots, these birds are monogamous and bond with one partner for life.
  2. Their extremely strong beaks are perfectly adapted for extracting hard nuts and seeds.
  3. These birds are messy eaters and play an important role in forest regeneration.
  4. It can fly between 40-50 miles per hour
  5. Adult birds reach a length of about 15 inces

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

Contact our Liberty Lake vets if you're considering adopting a blue-fronted Amazon parrot. Our experienced veterinarians can provide you with further guidance on their care and help ensure that you are fully prepared to meet their needs. 

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