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Veterinary Endocrinology

Our Liberty Lake veterinarians offer endocrinology care for pets suffering from conditions that lead to hormonal imbalances such as diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism in cats and Cushing's disease in dogs.

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Endocrine Issues in Pets

Endocrine disease is caused by an abnormal balance or regulation of your pet's hormones leading to a range of serious symptoms and in some cases life-threatening health issues. Signs that your pet may have an endocrine disorder include.

  • Sudden weight loss or gain
  • Major increase or decrease in thirst
  • Significant increase or decrease in appetite
  • Changes in the appearance of skin and coat
  • Weakened energy levels or change in personality

Veterinary Endocrinology in Liberty Lake

Veterinary Endocrinology for Cats and Dogs in Liberty Lake

How do you treat endocrine disorders?

The treatment of your pet's endocrine disorder will depend on the underlying cause of the hormonal imbalance and whether your pet is experiencing an overproduction of hormones or a deficit. 

Treating Endocrine Overproduction 

Endocrine diseases caused by too much of a hormone may be treated surgically, with radiotherapy (such as the use of radioactive iodine to destroy an overactive thyroid gland), or with medications to block a tumor from over-secreting a hormone. 

Treating a Hormonal Deficit

Conditions causing hormonal deficits are typically treated by supplementing the missing hormone, such as providing pets with diabetes mellitus with insulin injections.

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