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Veterinary Dermatology in Liberty Lake

The causes of skin problems in pets range from hormonal disorders to fleas. At Legacy Animal Medical Center, our experienced vets diagnose and treat many common skin conditions in cats and dogs.

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Pet Skin Conditions

Our dermatological services at Legacy Animal Medical Center address diseases of the skin, coat, ears and nails. These conditions can develop from a range of sources, including allergic responses.

Our vets understand that chronic recurrent skin problems, ear infections and allergies can be extremely uncomfortable for your pet, and frustrating for you as a pet owner.

With our in-house lab, we can test for the root of your pet’s dermatological problem and offer a customized treatment plan to begin the healing process.

Veterinary Dermatology in Liberty Lake

Dermatology Services, Liberty Lake Vet

What to Expect at Your Pet’s Appointment

Diagnosing a skin problem in your pet may simply require an examination by one of our experienced vets; however, many skin diseases or problems require additional steps to accurately obtain a diagnosis.

Examination & Diagnosis

Your vet will review your pet's medical history, perform a thorough examination then recommend testing to establish the source of your pet’s skin condition. Testing may include blood work, urinalysis, skin scraping, biopsies, etc.

Treatment Planning

Once the cause of your pet's skin condition has been determined, a customized treatment plan will be developed which may include medication, shampoo/conditioner, an ear flush, allergy vaccines, or simple changes to your pet’s environment. 

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At Legacy Animal Medical Center, we are always accepting new patients! Our veterinary team's experience and passion make all the difference to the patients at our animal medical center in Liberty Lake. Contact us today to book your first appointment.

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